So if you haven't had the opportunity or privilege to see our man TimeRabbit (and friends) in their magrider goodness, here's video number one. Great job Rabbit, can't wait to see more!

[Gen] Urophycis a We would like to thank all the TR and NC that donated their certs to the making of this video.
Good news everyone!

After careful consideration the following individuals have been selected for promotions as R8TH officers:

Captain: ZoolXen
Sergeant: AboutThreeFifty, Grannom

Please congratulate them on the promotion, bug them to open the squad to outfit, and TK them in a loving and [R8TH] appropriate (non-training/op) fashion!

With the ever growing community the Purple Wraiths has forged, new Leadership must emerge to keep structure and command. After careful deliberation, we've chosen those who we think will help to shape this outfit into the best it can possibly be. So, congratulations to your new R8TH Officers!

Captain Dibsmlgpro
Sgt How-Do-You-Even-Pronounce-That
Sgt FarmerMoose
Sgt The-Letters-In-Your-Name-Make-Everything-Harder
[Pvt] Xipe Congrats! (half a month later)
[Gen] Decurro a Congrats!
[Sgt] Fama Congrats guys!